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Maxim Privezentsev

Maxim is an entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience. His portfolio consists of successful businesses in commerce, HoReCa, development all around the world. Currently Maxim leads Total Flame Cigars House

Aleksandr Bugorkov

Blockchain enthusiast with extensive experience working for top companies such as New Relic, Emirates, Sberbank, Alfa bank. Education: Moscow Bauman State University

Ilya Veller

Investment banking professional with extensive experience working for more than a decade for such companies like Renaissance Capital, UniCredit and VTB Capital

Stanislav Tikhonov

Stanislav has more than 20 years experience in Investments and Real Estate. He is Partner at Knight Frank Russia – Global Real Estate Consultancy with offices in 55 countries Stanislav is active venture capital Investor, LP at iTech Capital and NorthEnergyVentures

Igor Mazilin
Legal Adviser

Igor Mazilin is a founder and CEO of Ingvarr, an international securities, tax and corporate finance consultancy firm focused on blockchain ecosystem and technology. Prior to Igor founding Ingvarr, he worked for Magic Circle law firms, international investment banks and headed legal of a major Eastern European machine-building corporation

Maksim Babakaev

Maksim is a young professional with solid experience in different areas of marketing. He has a proven track record of building a brand and driving sales both offline and online. At QP Ecosystems Maksim is in charge of communications


  • bancor

    A decentralized liquidity network that allows you to store any ERC20 standard tokens and convert them into other tokens in the network, without contractors, at an automatically calculated price

  • Ambrosus

    The company, which provides a full range of services in the field of blockchain technology, develops and delivers both software and hardware solutions necessary for business, government agencies, organizations and individuals. Ambrous combines IoT sensors, blockchain protocol and smart contracts to create a universally controlled ecosystem, which is functioning thanks to the community, with the aim to ensure the quality, security and authenticity of the origin of products

  • soon Civic

    An ecosystem designed to facilitate secure and low-cost access to on-demand identity verification services via blockchains

Beta products

QP Ecosystem is a global platform built on blockchain technology and smart contracts, allowing customers to buy products, and be fully confident in their quality. Consumers have the ability to track every step of the purchased goods: from the production field to the nearest store

consumer website v. 0.1


Stage1. December 2017
  • The QP concept was developed along with the premium tobacco brand Total Flame
  • The concept and financial model of the ecosystem were developed
  • The concept was described in White Paper Quality Product Ecosystem
Stage 2. Quarter 1 2018
  • A legal entity registered in the jurisdiction of Puerto Rico
  • A package of agreements prepared and signed, including a confidentiality agreement, with a number of producers
  • Marketing concept prepared for the promotion of the platform
Stage 3. Quarter 1-2 2018
  • Etherium and Waves Platform – a model for integration with the project developed
  • Brandbook and platform visualization developed
  • Major investment funds were informed and preliminary interested in the platform
Stage 4. Quarter 3 2018
  • Preparation of MVP and Road-show Project implementation
Stage 5. Quarter 4, 2018
  • Development of a system for buyers and SDK for manufacturers
Stage 6. Quarter 1, 2019
  • Development of the user part of the QP Platform
Stage 7. Quarter 2, 2019
  • he QP Platform launch
Stage 8. Quarter 3, 2019
  • Geographical expansion and development of the QP Ecosystem, connection of new manufacturers to the QP Ecosystem

Applied technologies